Have you found that you are putting on more weight recently? Does it tie in with a recent inability to sleep? If you are tired all the time and having sleep problems then there is a wealth of evidence that your sleep could be leading to weight gain. I want you to understand why poor sleep and weight gain go hand in hand. Once you understand how you can reverse the decline and get back that figure you always had.

Want to know more?

You may not know this but a the US National Health & Examination Survey found that 6 hours sleepers are 23% more likely to be obese versus 7 to 8 hours sleepers. This rises to 50% in 5 hours sleepers and 73% in 4 hour sleepers. So whilst you may exercise and eat well you may still be putting on weight due to insufficient and / or poor sleep. All you need is a little knowledge to help you make informed decisions and small changes that can have a real positive impact.

Let me tell you why sleep and weight gain are so interlinked. I want you to avoid the pitfalls.

Insufficient and / or poor quality sleep affects the hormones that the body releases which impact on our general health. When we suffer sleep problems two hormones in particular are affected – ghrelin and leptin. These hormones are responsible for regulating our appetite and also telling the brain when we are full. If production of those hormones is affected we will eat more and eat more frequently.

Not only that but when we are feeling tired and run down we are also more likely to reach for drinks and snacks that are high in sugar and heavy on carbohydrate to give ourselves a “lift”. Does your chocolate craving get stronger when you’re tired? I bet it does. So not only do we want to eat more, we don’t know when we are full and we are eating much more unhealthy food.

Exercise and nutrition are not enough for good health. The problem is we have all been fairly well educated in recent times in healthy eating and the need for exercise. The third (and often forgotten) pillar of health is sleep. Sleep is vital to keeping us in good health and productive. Yet general knowledge on sleep remains poor.

Don’t despair. With sleep a little knowledge goes a long way. To understand how much sleep you need, what happens if you don’t get enough sleep and how you can achieve sufficient sleep all you need to do is follow the link below. In 30 minutes you will have all the knowledge you need. It’s time to say goodbye to those extra pounds you’ve put on.

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