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Summer means camping and fun in the great outdoors – unless you have a CPAP Machine…

It’s finally summer and that means camping for a lot of people. Don’t let your snoring blow down the tent!! For CPAP users, no electricity means no relief – or worse, no camping at all! Call us today so you can en joy the rest of your summer without having to drag a CPAP machine with you everywhere you go. Don’t let your sleep apnea keep you from the great outdoors! Fishing, camping, smores, and beer around the campfire! No More Snoring. Call or visit today!

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From the LA Times: Snoring husbands can irritate spouses. Really.

Ever think you were crazy from lack of sleep? Especially irritable after losing those z’s? On the brink of insanity from insomnia? Well you’re not alone. The LA Times shares some information about  a recent sleep study that shows that women are more adversely affected by their husbands’ snoring than the snorers themselves. You thought second-hand smoke was bad? Second-hand snoring is too!!! Here’s an excerpt from the article: By Chris Woolston, HealthKey / For the Booster Shots blogJune 14, 2011, 2:39 p.m. Here’s some breaking news: A study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Sleep Medicine Institute has found that wives can be grumpy with their husbands if they don’t get a good night’s sleep. … The researchers likely could have made the same discovery by simply talking to anyone who has ever been married. But they took a more scientific

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Can’t sleep and putting on weight?

Have you found that you are putting on more weight recently? Does it tie in with a recent inability to sleep? If you are tired all the time and having sleep problems then there is a wealth of evidence that your sleep could be leading to weight gain. I want you to understand why poor sleep and weight gain go hand in hand. Once you understand how you can reverse the decline and get back that figure you always had.

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