Are you suffering from sleep apnea? I know it is hard to find a cure for sleep apnea because I’ve experienced it. I had suffered sleep apnea for such a long time for about 2 years. Day by day, it progresses to a more difficult situation. I can’t breathe properly and my sleep was disrupted. As time went on, I can no longer sleep at all and this affected my entire life. It brought all the negative things, from my family to my career. I’m often stressed up with small matters, irritable and felt exhausted often.

In order to do my job, I would rely on caffeine to stay awake the whole day. Depression made its way and began to look for appropriate treatments and remedies.

A lot of resources offer treatments for sleep apnea but then, most of them didn’t work for me. I’ve been thinking about having surgery but then, I realize that it is so invasive and I’m not that prepared yet. I consulted our family physician and was advised to use a device called CPAP which is a mask that should be worn while sleeping to enable proper breathing. At first, the CPAP device is great, but later on it became much more of a burden. When waking up in the morning, my face is all swollen and painful and it limited my positions while sleeping. I imagined myself wearing this mask for the rest of my life and the thought frightened me.

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